National Ombudsman, Ombudsman for Children and Ombudsman for Veterans: appreciate government is facing special circumstances, keep paying attention to the needs of vulnerable groups

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    The coronavirus crisis and the measures which have been introduced as a result are having a major impact on our country. The National Ombudsman, the Ombudsman for Children and the Ombudsman for Veterans see that the Dutch government, the municipalities, healthcare professionals, emergency services, the business community and many others – both in the Netherlands and abroad – are making extraordinary efforts to contain the virus, limit the consequences and ensure that the country can continue to function. All kinds of emergency measures to support citizens and businesses are being put in place and adapted if necessary. That shows creativity and courage.

    In recent weeks, we have received questions and reports about the accessibility of government agencies and the temporary changes to the services provided by the government. We have also received complaints about the lack of clarity regarding the measures, the income provisions and the government’s communication in general. Of course, we realise that things may not always run as smoothly as hoped or expected in the coming period. Nevertheless, we will continue to draw attention to the needs of those affected most severely by the current situation, such as entrepreneurs, children, the elderly, informal caregivers and veterans. It is important that the measures taken by the government during this time are as effective as possible at helping those in need.