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    The National Ombudsman is an independent and impartial institution. He assesses complaints about all aspects of public administration, defends the interests of the citizen and monitors the quality of public services in the Netherlands.

    Who is the National ombudsman

    The office is currently held by Reinier van Zutphen.
    Who is the National ombudsman

    How do I file a complaint?

    What to do when you have a complaint about Dutch public administration.
    How do I file a complaint?

    International projects of cooperation

    The National Ombudsman is frequently invited to help other countries establish a similar institution. Projects are intended to strengthen the partner organization through the exchange of knowledge and experience.
    International projects

    Foreign policy

    The National Ombudsman actively supports ombudsman and similar institutions in other countries. Assistance in the development of Ombudsman institutes is provided on request.
    Foreign Policy

    Annual Report 2019

    Annual Report of the National Ombudsman, the Ombudsman for Children and the Ombudsman for Veterans 2019.
    Annual Report 2019