Ombudsmen draw attention to problems in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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    In a joint letter to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers for the Kingdom, Mr Rutte, the Ombudsmen of the Kingdom draw attention to several developments and problems in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom and to the consequences of the conditions imposed on liquidity support. Poverty in the Caribbean Netherlands can also be found in the other countries in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. For many, the coronavirus crisis has only made this situation more urgent.

    Important signals

    The Ombudsmen observe various developments and problems. On Sint Maarten, there is still no effective approach to repairing the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. For Curaçao, access to clean drinking water and existing and increasing poverty on the island are important topical issues. In addition, refugees from Venezuela pose a problem, especially with respect to the lack of adequate regulations and reception facilities. In their joint letter, the Ombudsmen indicate that they wish to discuss these issues with Mr Rutte with a view to finding a solution together.

    Ombudsmen of the Kingdom

    The ombudsmen of the Kingdom:

    • Gwendolien Mossel (Ombudsman of Sint Maarten)
    • Keursly Concincion (Ombudsman of Curaçao)
    • Reinier van Zutphen (National Ombudsman for the Caribbean and European Netherlands).

    Aruba does not have its own Ombudsman as yet.


    Letter to Mr Rutt from Ombudsmen of the Kingdom (pdf, 81.29 KB)