Walk-in sessions in the Caribbean Netherlands well attended

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    Collega's van de Nationale ombudsman en Kinderombudsman in Caribisch Nederland voor spreekuren

    The National Ombudsman and the Ombudsman for Children recently held walk-in sessions in the Caribbean Netherlands. A team from both organisations held sessions on the islands of Saba and St Eustatius, and Bonaire hosted a team from the National Ombudsman. The walk-in sessions were well attended.

    Sessions on Saba and St Eustatius

    The team from the National Ombudsman heard complaints and concerns relating to various government agencies. These included the Public Entity, the Tax and Customs Administration, and Care and Youth in the Caribbean Netherlands. One of the main causes of complaint was communication by government agencies. 

    The Ombudsman for Children team primarily received complaints and queries about education, including the quality of education and tailoring education to the needs of children with disabilities. Concerns were also expressed about the quality of childcare.

    Talks with organisations on Saba and St Eustatius

    The National Ombudsman team discussed pending complaints and progress made on various cases with the Public Entities. General topics such as the handling of complaints, integrity and debt assistance were also raised.

    In the interviews conducted by the Ombudsman for Children team, concerns about education and the provision of care for children with disabilities emerged. Concerns were also expressed about sexual relations between underage girls and adult males. In addition, poverty remains a problem on the islands. 

    Sessions on Bonaire

    Complaints and queries received by the Bonaire team often concerned the inadequacy of responses from the Public Entity of Bonaire. Questions were also asked about the disability benefit (AOV). Problems with public transport and a lack of facilities for the elderly were also discussed. There was a noticeable increase in the number of Papiamentu and Spanish speakers attending the walk-in sessions.

    Visit to Krusada Foundation projects

    The Krusada Foundation is a civil society organisation that provides individuals and families with support and assistance in various areas of life. The National Ombudsman team visited several Krusada projects on Bonaire. These included the Greenery, where activities are organised in cooperation with the Caribbean Netherlands Custodial Institution, the Walk In day and night shelter, and women’s shelter Tabitha.

    Upcoming visits

    The dates, times and locations for the next series of walk-in sessions will be announced online as soon as they are known, at nationaleombudsman.nl/dutch-caribbean and kinderombudsman.nl.