International presentation reports on asylum and migration

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    Yesterday, the Ombudsman of Greece, the Ararteko of the Basque Country and the National Ombudsman of the Netherlands presented their papers on asylum and migration topics.

    These papers were written at the request of the IOI European Region several years ago. The papers contain the findings of several ombudsman institutions in Europe and cover four topics:

    1. Reception and registration (Greek Ombudsman)
    2. Integration (National Ombudsman)
    3. Unaccompanied minors (Basque Ombudsman)
    4. Forced Return (Greek Ombudsman)

    The ombudsmen gave their presentation in a workshop during the International Ombudsman Institute world conference held online due to the pandemic. At the request of the IOI, these reports have now been made public and can also be found on the websites of the other three ombudsmen.


    IOI Europe discussion paper regarding integration of asylum seekers and refugees (pdf, 450.76 KB)