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  1. Nieuwsbericht 8 november 2016

    ‘Missing’ pension funds in Caribbean Netherlands not yet retrieved

    A solution must be devised for all Dutch citizens who have been confronted with missing pension funds. This is the conclusion reached by the National Ombudsman of the Netherlands, Reinier van Zutphen, in a letter to the Dutch Minister of the Interior and K…
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  2. Nieuwsbericht 8 november 2016

    National Ombudsman and Ombudsperson for Children to visit Caribbean

    In late November 2016, the National Ombudsman of the Netherlands, Reinier van Zutphen, and the Ombudsperson for Children, Margrite Kalverboer, will pay a working visit to the Caribbean Netherlands. Four staff members of the Office of the National Ombudsman…
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  3. Rapport 2 november 2016

    Reportletter: Public Body of Sint Eustatius failed by not sending data to Caribbean Netherlands Pension Fund

    Teacher at a secundary school on Sint Eustatius complaints about the Public Body of Sint Eustatius. The Public Body had not provided any data to the Caribbean Netherlands Pension Fund. The obscurity surrounding her pension stems from careless action by the Public Body and inadequate efforts to look for a solution. The National Ombudsman asked the Minister of Interior and Kingdom Relations about the possibilities he has for ensuring that the Public Body comes up with the required information and pays any contributions that may be owed. The complaint is legitimate (2016.20077).
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  4. Rapport 6 september 2016

    2016/082 AIVD spied on politicians on Bonaire during negotiating with Dutch government

    A formal political leader on Bonaire is complaining that the AIVD, in the period from 2005 to 2010, spied on politicians (including himself) on Bonaire. The politicians were negotiating with the Dutch government regarding Bonaire's accession to the Netherlands.The National Ombudsman has concluded that, for a fairly short part of the period under consideration, the AIVD undertook surveillance of the complainant when it was not entitled to do so. The National Ombudsman has ascertained that, in the remainder of the period under consideration, either the complainant was not under surveillance or the surveillance that took place was lawful.
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  5. Doelgroep 21 augustus 2014

    Dutch Caribbean

    Complaints about the Rijksdienst Dutch Caribbean, the police or the Public Prosecution Service? The National Ombudsman will be happy to help. Local government, the Rijksdienst Dutch Caribbean, the police and the Public Prosecution Service are there to serv…
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  6. Rapport 8 november 2016

    Reportletter: school on Sint Eustatius concerned about education level because of Internet usage and capacity problems

    Gewendoline van Putten School on Sint Eustatius complaints about Internet usage problems encountered by the school. The islands's Internet capacity falls far short of Dutch standards and the prices for Internet access are extraordinarily high. This makes it difficult for the school to offer the desired level of education. The National ombudsman asked the coordinating minister (minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) to inform him about the current status of the process (2015.30532).
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  7. Rapport 7 september 2016

    2016/083 Openbaar lichaam Bonaire should take the lead in devising a solution for parking-related nuisance

    Bonaire’s South Pier is made up of two plots of land, one of which is owned by the Public Body of Bonaire (Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire, OLB).

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  8. Vraag 10 september 2014

    What sort of complaints can you send to the National Ombudsman?

    We will be glad to help with any problem you may have with the Rijksdienst Dutch Caribbean, the police or the Public Prosecution Service . It doesn’t matter how big or how small the problem is, so long as your case meets the following five criteria. 1. The…
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  9. Vraag 10 september 2014

    How should you send your complaint to the National Ombudsman?

    Your complaint is important so we aim to make it easy for you to send it to us. There are several ways to do it.
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  10. Vraag 10 september 2014

    What administrative authorities can you complain about?

    We can help you if you have a problem with: the local government (since 10 October 2012) the Rijksdienst Dutch Caribbean (since 10 October 2010) the police (since 10 October 2010) the Public Prosecution Service (since 10 October 2010) On 10 October 2010, B…
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