Facts & figures

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Number of complaints

Many citizens would like their complaints to be resolved swiftly on the phone. The National Ombudsman has geared its handling of complaints to this wish. Compared with 2014, the total number of complaints increased by 5% in 2015.

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How are complaints handled?


Decisions in reports


Central government and local authorities

More than three-quarters of requests concern government in one form or another. The majority are related to central government.

central and local

Advising and informing

The Ombudsman acts in an advisory and informing capacity in approximately 85% of the requests concerning the government. In many cases, this is enough because people then know the right authority to approach.

adviseren en informeren


The National Ombudsman is empowered to deal with complaints about government authorities. We help people with questions or complaints in other fields as well as possible to get to the right authority.



People can contact the National Ombudsman in various ways.


For which municipalities does the National Ombudsman work?

Municipalities can choose to affiliate with the National Ombudsman for the external complaint handling or to establish their own ombudsman service.


The National Ombudsman as a player in an international network