Ombudsman to organise roundtable

What is the state of affairs for Caribbean students?

Caribbean students together at a table

Reinier van Zutphen, the National Ombudsman, has written a letter to outgoing education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven indicating that he will continue to monitor the follow-up to the recommendations in his report, ‘Concerns of Caribbean students’. He has also announced that he will be organising a roundtable meeting in December to find out how much progress has been made towards alleviating the problems faced by Caribbean students a year after the report’s publication.

The Ombudsman’s letter and planned meeting are in response to the letter from outgoing minister Van Engelshoven, in which she elaborates on the recommendations and makes some general observations. Mr Van Zutphen further states that he regularly conducts discussions on progress with the Curaçao House, the Aruba House, the St. Maarten House, Levende Talen Papiaments, the Ombudsmen of Curaçao and St. Maarten, and other stakeholders.

Roundtable meeting in December 2021

The National Ombudsman will organise a roundtable meeting with stakeholders in December 2021 to assess progress towards fulfilling the recommendations from his report and to inventory whether the steps taken have made a real difference for Caribbean students. The roundtable meeting will serve as a basis for the Ombudsman to identify what has been achieved one year after the publication of the report and whether further action is needed.