Conference with the ombudsmen of Morocco and Tunisia

From left to right: Mr. Abdelaziz Benzakour, Mme. Najet Gharbi Kadri, Mr Reinier van Zutphen

During a one day conference the ombudsman of Morocco, Tunisia and the Netherlands discussed topics of possible future activities between the institutions. The meeting also allowed for the strengthening of the relations between the Mediateur du Royaume of Morocco, the Ombudsman of Tunisia and their Dutch counterpart.

The Mediateur du Royaume, Mr Mr. Abdelaziz Benzakour, took part and from the Ombudsman of Tunisia, Mme. Najet Gharbi Kadri, Deputy Ombudsman took part. The Federal Ombudsman of Belgium, Mrs Cahterine de Bruecker was one of the three speakers on this day.

I - The cultural element in mediation

Presented by Mrs. Linda Reijerkerk, director of the Centre of Conflict management.

II - The effectiveness of the Dutch National Ombudsman as an independent institution

Presented by Mrs. Marjo Hess, Responsible for citizen's contact at the National Ombudsman office in the Netherlands. 

III - Transparency and accountability

Presented by Mrs. Catherine de Bruecker, Federal Ombudsman of Belgium.

The conference took place in The Hague on 23 February 2016. Participants agreed that the discussions on the themes were very inspiring and due to its small setting, allowed for very open speeches. In the afternoon the discussion on the possible topics for a future cooperation were on the agenda and these were supported by the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was drafted by the Mediateur du Royaume.

The meeting was closed by the signing of a MOU between the Mediateur du Royaume and the Dutch National Ombudsman.