Reinier van Zutphen nominated as National Ombudsman

Picture of appointed National Ombudsman, Reinier van Zutphen

The temporary committee tasked with appointing a new National Ombudsman of the Netherlands has nominated Reinier van Zutphen for the post. Reinier van Zutphen has been president of the Dutch Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal since 2012 and was previously chairman of the Dutch Association for the Judiciary (2007 – 2012). The Dutch House of Representatives is expected to vote on the nomination before the start of the spring recess on Friday 13 February.

Once the House of Representatives has approved his appointment in plenary session, Van Zutphen will be sworn in by the President of the House on a date yet to be decided. Until that time, Frank van Dooren will remain as acting National Ombudsman.